Citibank is a division of Citigroup. It is the largest international bank, founded in 1812. It is currently the largest bank in the USA among holdings.

The interest rate on the Citibank loan is 6.5-18.6% per annum. The full cost of the loan includes: bank fees, payments to third parties, interest for the use of the loan and loan servicing costs, and is set at 6.5-18.6% per annum.

Period of up to 5 years without guarantors and collateral, for any purposes, favorable interest rate (calculated individually). Proof of income is not required if you have the credit product of another bank. Online registration – from application to money transfer – 10 minutes. All transactions are reliably protected.

New customers – fixed rate of 8.5% per annum. Monthly payment may be lower than current payments with other banks. There is only one payment per month to one bank.
When paying a consumer loan at Citibank, the customer is entitled to early repayment, without penalties or additional fees.

Consumer loan may be taken in cash for a year, two, three, four or five years. As a rule, the shortest period has a lower interest rate for using the borrowed funds and the longest loan period has a higher interest rate. The loan is repaid every month in equal instalments.

No individual entrepreneur status. Work experience of at least 3 months at the current place of work and 1 year in total from the previous one. Availability of a mobile and work phone. Citibank also offers a salary transfer service so that the monthly payment is automatically deducted from your current account.

In order to obtain the loan the borrower, after having read the information on the terms and conditions of Citibank regarding the granting. Use and repayment of the consumer loan, submits to Citibank an Application specifying, among other things, the information about the Borrower which is necessary for Citibank to make a decision on the possibility of granting the loan to the Borrower.

Based upon the information about the Borrower and other information stated in the Application, Citibank will make the decision on granting or denying the loan to the Borrower. In making the decision to refuse to grant the Loan to the Borrower, Citibank will not be obliged to provide reasons for such refusal, unless federal laws require Citibank to provide reasons for such refusal.

When deciding to grant the Loan to the Borrower, Citibank will send the Borrower the Individual Terms and Conditions of the Loan Agreement, which is Citibank’s offer to the Borrower to enter into the Loan Agreement. The Individual Terms and Conditions will be prepared by Citibank on the basis of the terms and conditions agreed between Citibank and the Borrower.

Interest on the outstanding amount of the Loan is calculated on a daily basis and is based on a period of 365 or 366 days of the year, respectively, and the actual number of days in which the Loan has been used.

If, within one year, the total amount of payments under all obligations under the Loan Agreements and Loan Agreements available to the Borrower as of the date of application to Citibank for the loan, including payments under the loan from Citibank, exceeds fifty percent of the annual income of the Borrower. There is a risk that the Borrower will default on its obligations under the Loan Agreement with Citibank and incur penalties.

For loan agreements concluded from 1 July 2014 – 0.1% of the amount of overdue debt for each day of breach of obligations. Interest is accrued on the loan for each day of default.

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