Credit Europe Bank

Credit Europe Bank – is a universal credit company headquartered in Amsterdam providing a wide array of services to corporate, retail and small business clients.
The Bank holds a leading position in the consumer lending market and credit cards. In addition, it has over 1,000 employees in nine countries. The Bank owns 82 ATMs, 36 branches and around 8,500 point of sale terminals. About 915,000 retail and corporate customers around the world entrust their financial affairs to Credit Europe Bank N.V.

Credit Europe Bank N.V. is a part of the international FIBA Group operating in Switzerland, the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Malta, Ukraine and the UAE. In addition, the Group’s companies are engaged in leasing, factoring, insurance and asset management.

FIBA Group’s activities are represented in retail trade by the largest retailers known all over the world – Banana Republic, Gap, Marks&Spencer. Every year, the companies consistently demonstrate high standards in customer service, offering a wide range of high quality products at affordable prices.

FIBA Group also operates in the non-financial sector in aviation, retail, real estate, shipping construction, port business, and owns a network of language schools.
An important task of FIBA Group is to form and develop fundamental values within society that contribute to improving the quality of human life through education. The active activities of the foundations, social investments in education, health and cultural heritage have changed the lives of millions of people around the world.
The values of the FIBA Group are creativity, attention to each client, effective use of technology, highly qualified staff, transparent business conduct and best practices.

The Customer may have up to three credit products (credits) in the Bank, and may have one card of each type at the same time (if approved). The Customer can obtain a loan upon an approved application within the following periods:

Multi-purpose loan: The individually calculated loan offer is valid for 21 calendar days;

Car loan: 1 calendar month;

Instant loan for goods/services: 28 days;

Rest on credit: 28 calendar days;

Mortgage loan: 3 months.

Credit Europe Bank helps people with disabilities, orphans and seriously ill children.

Targeted charity programmes are:

– Sports: financing sports teams, organizing sports tournaments, purchasing sports equipment for people with disabilities.

– Education and Creativity: assistance to people with disabilities and their families in acquiring the skills and knowledge necessary for social adaptation, their material independence and their integration into society.

– Development and financing of programmes aimed at gaining access to inclusive education and vocational guidance, as well as assistance in employment of people with disabilities; organization of various competitions aimed at developing the creative abilities of orphans and people with disabilities.

– Health: financing medical and rehabilitation procedures, prosthetics and orthotics, purchasing high-tech rehabilitation equipment for people with disabilities and seriously ill children.

– Comfort: financing programmes to improve conditions for orphans, adults and children with disabilities in specialized institutions (orphanages, boarding schools, rehabilitation centers, etc.).

Volunteerism: participation of employees in the preparation and holding of mass socio-cultural and sports events; support and implementation of social initiatives of employees; development of ideas for holding events, etc.).

All charitable projects of the Credit Europe Bank are implemented with the Bank’s own funds, as well as personal contributions and donations from employees.

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