Ikano Bank

Ikano Bank is a consumer credit Bank that was founded in 1995. The head office of Ikano Bank is located in Malmo. The Bank’s branches are located in more than 6 cities around the world. Ikano Bank also conducts business in Finland, Poland, Germany, Austria and Russia through separate companies.

Ikano Group, which has joint shareholders with the Swedish IKEA Group, specializes in Finance, insurance, asset management and real estate. Ikano Bank is a team of like-minded people who work together and respect each other’s efforts. This is a place where everyone is an important element and is ready to share their valuable knowledge, experience and ideas.
IKANO the Bank was established to further the development of retail projects, mainly in consumer credit in IKEA stores.

The Bank plans to actively develop and expand the range of services and products offered to its customers, as well as new forms of service, in strict accordance with current banking legislation, compliance with European business standards adopted by the Icano group, and improving the quality of service to its customers.

In accordance with the current license, the Bank can perform the following types of banking operations:
– Attraction of funds from legal entities and individuals in deposits (on demand and for a certain period).
– Placement of funds of legal entities and individuals on their own behalf and at their own expense, attracted to deposits (on demand and for a certain period).
– Opening and maintaining Bank accounts for legal entities and individuals.
– Transfer of funds on behalf of individuals and legal entities, including correspondent banks, to their Bank accounts.
– Collection of funds, bills, payment and settlement documents and cash services for individuals and legal entities.
– Purchase and sale of foreign currency in cash and non-cash forms. Issuance of Bank guarantees.
– Money transfers without opening Bank accounts, including electronic money (with the exception of postal transfers).

Credit grace period – the ability to use Bank funds for up to 50 days without paying interest. To take advantage of the grace period, you must repay the entire outstanding amount before the payment date indicated on your statement. It is important to keep in mind that different credit conditions apply for cash withdrawals, card-to-card transfers, and installment purchases.

Installments for 3 and 6 months for any IKEA and purchases; Special offers, sales and more from IKEA Family Club; The IKEA family Bank card gives you access to all the benefits of the IKEA family club in the same way as a loyalty card; Privileges for Mastercard cardholders © World; Discounts and special offers when paying with Mastercard worldwide.

Short tariff Family IKEA co-branded card; Short tariff 12 months; Short tarrif 18 months; Short farrif prime loan; Tariff Family IKEA co-branded card; Tarifar card IKEA Family Home; Tariff IKEA installment plan for 18 months; Tariff IKEA loan for 18 months; Tariff IKEA installment plan for 12 months; Tariff IKEA standard credit

The minimum age to apply is 18. Availability of citizenship. Availability of a permanent place of work. Work experience at the current place of work for at least 3 months. The total work experience is at least 12 months.

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