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Nordea Bank is part of the Nordea Banking Group, one of the largest European banking groups. Nordea Group is among the top 100 most sustainable developing corporations in the world (according to Corporate Knights).

In terms of capital, Nordea Group has the highest reliability ratings on the European market by the leading rating agencies Moody’s, Standard & Poor’s and Fitch. Nordea serves 10 million customers in 360 offices and branches.

The possibility of setting a limit on a number of loan products allows for a significant reduction in the time required to provide loan products within the approved limit.
The interest rate for a credit product is set individually based on the results of an analysis of the company’s performance, taking into account its financial position, depending on the specifics of the transaction and collateral offered. The interest rate can be either fixed or floating.

The Bank’s specialists will always help you choose a credit product and develop optimal parameters for a credit transaction depending on the specifics of your business.

Term loan; revolving/non revolving credit line; overdraft; project financing and investment loans; providing bank guarantees and opening letters of credit; syndicated lending; bridge financing.

Nordea Bank offers loan products to legal entities for the following purposes: increasing working capital; business development/expansion/diversification; acquisition of equipment and movable/non-movable property objects; financing of foreign trade activities; refinancing; other purposes.

Nordea Bank offers loan products for the following purposes:to cover the budget deficit; repayment of debt obligations.

The following property (property rights) may serve as collateral for the fulfilment of obligations: immovable property (property rights); fixed assets (equipment); guarantees (sureties) of a legal entity/individual; securities; inventories and/or goods in turnover.

Documentary trade finance is an efficient, flexible and advantageous mechanism for developing our Customers’ foreign trade operations: to obtain cost advantageous financing up to 100% of the contract amount; minimize own and foreign partner risks – non-payment risk, non-delivery risk, etc; use documentary forms of settlement to optimise trading operations with foreign partners.

Advantages of Documentary Trade Finance at Nordea Bank:
Wide range of offered types of financing. Documentary letters of credit in foreign currency and Russian roubles (with post-financing or discounting of deferred payment, with immediate payment, without confirmation by foreign banks or with confirmation by foreign banks at the request of the supplier, discounting of export letters of credit, etc.).

Guarantee instruments: direct payment guarantees of the Bank in favor of foreign suppliers, payment guarantees of first-class foreign banks against guarantees of Nordea Bank, stand-by letters of credit, guarantees of fulfillment of contractual obligations, guarantees in favor of customs authorities of the Russian Federation, tender guarantees, guarantees of advance payments, etc.); net and documentary collection.

The choice of financing instruments and the form of settlement of trade transactions are determined by agreement between the parties involved in foreign trade.
Individual approach to each client, including setting a financing limit: the possibility of choosing the optimal form of settlement under a foreign trade contract in accordance with the specifics of the business of the Client and its partner in the transaction. A credit limit under which trade finance is provided may be set even before the opening of your company’s current account with Nordea Bank. In addition, if your company is part of a holding company or has subsidiaries, it is possible to set a total financing limit for the whole holding company or for a separate company based on the total turnover of the whole group of companies.

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