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Société Générale is one of the largest banks in France. The Société Generale financial group was founded in 1864 and currently has a presence in 67 countries. The French bank offers its clients a full range of services for effective management of their finances, using international experience, advanced technologies and reliable systems. It has one of the widest branch and ATM networks. It provides its customers with limitless possibilities of remote services.

Société Générale, as part of Global Transaction Banking, has been named the best transaction bank in Eastern Europe for financial institutions by EMEA Finance magazine. The Bank took the leading position in the category “Best Transactional Bank for Financial Institutions in Europe and CEE”.

A consumer loan can be taken out for all occasions:
– Flat renovation loan;
– Wedding loan;
– Low interest loan;
– Education loan.

Consumer loan interest rate starts from 6.5%. It can be executed for a period of 13 to 84 months, without collateral or guarantors. It is also possible to choose the date of monthly payment.

The Bank offers its customers life and health insurance for the borrower. A bank insurance programme that will help repay the loan and protect the client and their relatives under adverse circumstances. There is also insurance protection against loss of personal belongings and unforeseen expenses.

Consumer loan refinancing at Société Générale is a financial service created specifically for those borrowers who for some reason are not satisfied with the terms of existing loans at other banks. Société Générale has developed special programmes to quickly refinance loans from other banks, combining several loan agreements with uncomfortable rates into one.

Société Générale offers its customers a reduction in interest rates to the lowest level now, a reduction in monthly loan payments and changes in loan terms (both upwards and downwards).

It also eliminates the need to service several loans in different financial institutions. The refinancing terms at Société Générale are simple and transparent. If necessary, in addition to refinancing a consumer loan, the bank will also provide additional funds for personal needs.
The interest rate and monthly payment are calculated individually and depend on the loan term (13-84 months) and the loan amount.

The client can also take out mortgages at Société Générale. The types of mortgages are different, as is the interest rate.
The bank offers loans for various types of real estate – from flats to car places. A loan for a down payment. Accounting for the income of co-borrowers, including persons who are not related. Opportunity to use maternity capital.

Mortgage to buy a flat – from 6.39%

New construction – from 6.39%

Finished house – from 7.89%

Mortgage per room – from 6.89%

Apartments – from 6.39%

Target mortgage loan – from 6.89%

Car place / garage – from 6.89%

Improvement of living conditions – from 9.89%

In order to provide maximum protection against unforeseen situations in mortgage lending, it is possible to take out comprehensive insurance.
The client can also open a deposit for at least 3 months at the bank. The client is allowed to withdraw part of the funds before the deposit period ends. Either interest can be paid at the end of the full deposit term or the bank will automatically add it to the principal amount of the deposit (capitalization).

Société Générale provides access to international markets, reinvestment of profits and diversification of investments. Unified commission – 1.3% per year of the value of assets when investing from 3 years. Investing in over 1400 largest companies worldwide. Access and management at any time from mobile phone and computer. Number of portfolios is not limited. Investments for any term.

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