UniCredit is one of the largest banks in Italy, part of the UniCredit Group. UniCredit Group is one of the largest financial Italian companies. Its international banking network covers 22 European countries and 27 other countries.

UniCredit is a commercial bank that has fully integrated its corporate and investment business. The Bank provides it’s numerous customers around the world with access to its extensive network in Western, Central and Eastern Europe. The Bank provides services to over 40 million customers in 10,200 branches. The needs of customers are never left without solutions.

UniCredit strives to support and provide convenience to its customers. To this end, the bank uses a strengthening effect of business interaction: wealth management, corporate, investment banking, and commercial banking services.

UniCredit offers consumer loans at an interest rate of 8.9% and refinancing of the loan at 9.9%. The term of the loan is 24, 36, 48, 60 months. Document review period 1 working day, validity period of positive decision 30 days. It is convenient that the bank does not require a third party guarantee, and for clients with a positive credit history, no work record or employment contract is required. Partial or full early repayment without commission. Consumer loans can be repaid without commission online, at ATMs and UniCredit branches.

The bank also offers voluntary insurance programmes to help protect the customer and their relatives in the event that they are unable to make payments on a consumer loan in the event of unforeseen events. The programme provides insurance protection for the duration of the loan agreement. The sum insured is equal to the consumer loan and the insurance premium is paid in a lump sum. The insurance contract shall come into force on the date of entry into force of the loan contract, if the insurance premium is paid in full.

UniCredit provides its clients with the opportunity to obtain a favorable and convenient loan for cars of all global brands, offering them the opportunity to get acquainted with targeted car lending programmes. When buying a car with a car loan, you can fix the cost and not depend on price increases, and insurance of the car you buy when taking out a loan minimizes financial risks.

The bank offers advantageous conditions: low rates – from 0.1% per annum; comfortable repayment terms – up to 7 years; small down payment – from 0%; minimum documentation for processing; wide range of loan programmes.

UniCredit is an active and successful participant in the cultural life of society, following the modern European model of a major cultural financial institution.

The bank’s charitable activities cover a number of socially important areas, such as assisting people with disabilities, purchasing medical equipment and medicines for medical institutions, improving the quality of life of veterans, and long-term programmes of charitable foundations.

The bank takes part at volunteering programmes such an assistance to veterans and elderly people, or an assistance to children. A special internal corporate charity programme “Personal contribution of your heart” gives you the opportunity to make individual donations. It has existed at the bank since 2004 and is intended to help employees and their children, as well as to donate funds for various charitable projects.

UniCredit is actively developing the corporate volunteering area, and is also striving to contribute to the promotion of a healthy lifestyle, the development of donor programmes and drawing attention to environmental issues.

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